First Post!! :O

Random first post update about everything and nothing in general.

You should never pick a song that you “sorta” know when you’re karaoking in front of a ton of people. It does make it easier for them – them being their ears, AND you, if all parties are intoxicated. Oh, and you know your significant other is a keeper when he will go up on stage with you, and belt out ”Faithfully” by Journey. ^_^ I felt like a dork still, but R definitely made it easier. It also helps if there are drunken dancers doing interpretive dance moves, as well as dry-humping behind you. They were both male. *fistpump* It was pretty epic. Not the part where we tore it up on stage. And by tore, I mean destroy a roomful of eardrums.

In other news, being unemployed by myself is definitely not as fun as before, when I could spend so much time with R. It was about time he found a job though. ;) Now I’m feeling a little desperate. I was temping in San Leandro for about a week and a half, and have two possible leads for HR jobs in the city. One is a non-profit medical insurance/services group that serves mostly the Asian community. The other is a private art university; I know two others who work there. I’m excited to work in the city, but looking further ahead into the future, I still have no idea what I want to do with my career. It scares me to death.


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3 Responses to First Post!! :O

  1. Keane says:

    Hi :D

    I love your blog!

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