We all have urges…

And I am dying to shop.

I haven’t gone shopping in so long, I just want to buy buy buy! Of course, there is no justification for it when I have no job. To scratch the itch, I did buy a pair of slouch boots on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $45, after getting my temp job in San Leandro. I also rolled up into the parking lot of San Leandro’s Thrift Town after consulting the always fashionable, shopper extraordinaire, Mary F. (she wrote that review in my honor), and left with a $6 strapless dress.

Unfortunately, those two purchases didn’t satiate the need, and when I wasn’t perusing the intarwebs for a job, I was either a) apartment hunting for the boy or b) scouring zappos and various other retail sites. I’m so proud that I passed up the friends & family discount I received for Gap/BR/Piperlime this weekend. *Gives self pat on back* Thank god, I always feel the need to try things on before swiping the plastic.. er, or entering my cc#. I do have that number memorized though.. yikes.

Now, I just need to either stay away from stores, or buy something so expensive it’ll keep me from buying more… jk! At least I’m looking for things on sale, right?

P.S. No, I didn’t purchase the cheap fake poo at amazon.. ;P


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5 Responses to We all have urges…

  1. Keane says:

    I am too.

    Guess who’s to blame for that?


  2. Keane says:

    La Pinata is a cool Mexican restaurant in that area! Also, there is the Ghirardelli factory!

  3. Amanda says:

    I have the shopping bug so bad even though I just furnished an entire apartment.


  4. suki says:

    take me shopping!

  5. Crystal Lynn says:

    I completely feel your pain. I don’t get paid nearly enough to buy any extras, but that desire for clothes and crap is there. I need to hit more thrift stores :x

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