The Oatmeal and…

The Oatmeal and various other sites like.. hmm have you ever heard of this site called Wikipedia ;), were all protesting PIPA/SOPA and good news.. per Techcrunch!

Here are ProPublica’s SOPA support and opposition breakdowns as of 5:15 pm PST, January 19th.

  • Total: 63 supporters, 122 opponents
  • Senate: 37 supporters, 22 opponents
  • House: 26 supporters, 100 opponents
  • Democrats (across the Senate and House): 40 supporters, 55 opponents
  • Republicans (across the Senate and House): 22 supporters, 67 opponents

Unfortunately, Megaupload/Megavideo have been shut down by the Feds, and well now the Feds have to beware that hacker group.

In other news.. WTF!? How will I watch my non-pirated shows from non-Showtime or non-HBO?


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