Bloggers in Sin City – Reasons why I should or should not go.

So it’s come to my attention that there are only 7 spots left for Bloggers in Sin City, and since I currently have no source of income [read: i quit my job] I’m completely torn..

No worries.. totally not lying naked on the floor..

Anyways, I’m torn.. Just like how I feel about the SF Niners/ NY Giants upcoming NFC Championship game this Sunday! I’m torn because duh, I’m a native SFer, so therefore I love the SF Giants, but I only watch football when it’s NY Giants games because the bf watches it. Thus far, I’ve only kept up with the Giants, and have been cheering them on. Now that they’re playing against each other for a chance at the superbowl. I’m torn. I want to cheer for both. We are all not winners. I digress.

Back to BISC!!

Reasons why I should go:
1. Hang out with my bff, aka my seester, in Vegas.
2. Meet new people, new adventures, and be inspired.
3. Motivation to keep my blog current.
4. All inclusive. Almost.
5. I did leave the company and still got my xmas bonus.
6. Roadtrip with my seester.
7. Pool day!

Reasons why I shouldn’t go:
1. $
2. $
3. $

great scott it's a pony..

Great Scott!! it seems that the pros outweigh the cons. Also I like ponies and unicorns.

To make it even sweeter, Paper’d, a cute wallpaper app for your iPhone/iPod Touch is giving away a free spot at BISC for one!


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5 Responses to Bloggers in Sin City – Reasons why I should or should not go.

  1. suki says:

    THIS made my day, honestly. :)

  2. You should come!!! It’s an amazing time, full of everything good on earth! (Slight exaggeration – totally warranted)

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