Wine and Love v01

Wine and Love

My first Wine and Love! I swear my seester finds the most interesting things to blog about.

Here goes nothing!


01. Your living space tells you about yourself and mine is a complete mess. I spent an hour just trying to clean my closet area, and my room is still a category 5 Tornado. Doesn’t help that there’s tons of dust everywhere, so now I’ve got myself a sinus headache. Ugh.. my own fault.

02. Applied for a Salesforce Benefits Analyst job. And.. rejected. Oh well, at least I haven’t officially started a real job hunt yet, but it would have been nice. I’m still not ready to plunge into job hunt mode just yet.


01. Philly/NYC in April with Milktoast! Vegas in April possibly with seester! Vegas in May for #BiSC with seester again!

02. Yoga + Zumba = soreness. It hurts so good, and it’s free. I have motivation to go because my parents actually go to some other classes offered, and my seester is now going to yoga + zumba. I have no excuse not to go! Also that bridesmaid dress is being shipped.. *eeek excitement/fear!!

03. The good side of attempting to clean my room is purging. Feels good to get rid of stuff. I’ve got a donate bag, garbage bag, and recycle bag. Speaking of purge, does anyone want to buy a size 8, never-been-worn, Poetic Licence Peeptoe Pump ‘Summer Bloom’ in Mint for $80 obo? I read reviews and bought a half size smaller from their recs, but the shoes are too tight. Message me!

04. Quitting job and have such a great support system! Hanging out with my parents. Hanging out with family and friends. Unwinding!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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11 Responses to Wine and Love v01

  1. suki says:

    hahaha *leaving a poot* ;)

    we folded a bunch of clothes and cleared out the floor in the bedroom. feels nice when i don’t trip on my way to the bed from the light switch. :p

    • stealthypoo says:

      yeah.. i can actually open my door all the way!! haha. It’ll pay off when I’m done and can maintain.. I think that’s the bigger issue. :/

      • suki says:

        It usually takes forming daily habits and having the places to put certain things. Like this is where dirty clothes go. This is where the clean clothes go before I fold them or hang them up. Or I always hang up or fold them right after. Stuff like that.

  2. stealthypoo says:

    yeah i think ryan is enforcing it more at his apartment.. so i just gotta.. DO IT.

  3. B says:

    It seems that whenever I try to clean, I just make a bigger mess!

  4. Lariana says:

    Yoga+Zumba, really need to get back into that, and not for a bridesmaid dress…for a wedding dress eek :S

    Totally loving the quitting job part and fam support, did the same last year, best thing I ever did! Got a way better job now, back then I was like sooooo worried about what next was going to come, without a job, the fear of telling the fam, shite gives me goosebumps

  5. stealthypoo says:

    oo congrats! congrats!

    that’s great.. hopefully i have good things ahead :)

  6. Lariana says:

    for sure! it’ll work out fine! you’ll get through it ;)

  7. Congrats on your first W&L. It seems that we’re both kinda-maybe-not really applying for jobs. I’m slowly pulling my portfolio together, but schmeh. Enjoy funemployment!

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