B was a cartoonist. A nerd. An adorable nerd. I guess I’ll backtrack to last night after watching episode after episode of HIMYM, that I was left thinking about my past crushes. I’ve only been in one relationship. I’ve also dated once. These were two separate people. And that’s about it. Not much to talk about except I realized I was the shyest person ever. EVER. I think this was after being traumatized in 6th grade because of J. I’m not going to get into the story about J. That’s for another time. I don’t remember much anyways.

So about B. He was my middle school crush. THE Crush. I thought it was J for a long time, but no. It was B. As were most guys at that age, he wasn’t very tall. I still thought he was cute, nice, and funny, which was WIN WIN back in middle school. I guess I’ve always had a thing for tortured artists. I don’t think he was really tortured, but for some reason he was a little bit angry and loved to doodle, and he was good at it. I developed a crush and it lasted for a long time (back then 2 years was a damn long time), until I thought I might even tell him. The “might even tell him” to my 8th grade self, was stare longingly at his direction. That doesn’t work apparently. That just means someone else thinks I’m staring at the guy next to him. Yes. I was confronted by someone.. maybe even B. I don’t remember now. ‘Hey, so, friend, thinks you have a crush on him.’ Let’s call him friend, because I don’t remember his name.

I denied liking friend, of course. AGH!

B ended up going to another high school. I didn’t see him for awhile, and then we had a middle school reunion after graduating high school. I thought B moved to some far inland city, so I didn’t expect to see him.

And my jaw dropped. He got super chunky.

Ok, no he didn’t. He was cute and short AND funny before. Now, he was tall and handsome and probably still funny. He stopped by our table, and I had no idea who he was. All I got was more awkward.. and maybe +boobs. *sadface*

I never told him about my fat crush.. because the truth was I had no idea who he was anymore. Middle school stealthypoo and middle school B where big worries about life and work and what you want in life, didn’t exist. It’s better to keep things simple in that middle school world of uniforms and unrequited love.


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