Wine and Love v02

Wine and Love is back..  brought to you by Nora. Come on everybody, join in on the fun!

Wine and Love

1. If you haven’t seen my twitter complaints, I was hit with the flu early Monday morning. Apparently it’s been going around. I proceeded to sleep (read: suffer/sleep) the entire day and finally Tuesday morning my fever went away. Also my sinuses felt blocked up and my face felt swollen. So, I iced my face. I’m now phlegmbot with a sexayyyy voice.. No, I guess I’m more like this. Hackity hack yo. Tuesday – Wednesday was all phlegm, snot, tissue, and coughing. My body hurts, I can’t breathe. I don’t think I should be drinking wine either. Booooo-urns.

2. I skipped Yoga + Zumba because of #1. Even though I don’t feel as bad as before, I’m not confident that while doing a downward facing dog, my snot will stay in my body, nor do I care to carry tissue with me while hacking. I’m sad. I was so good this whole time. But alas, you must listen to your body.

3. Cici the pooch is showing signs of aging. She doesn’t run like she used to. She has trouble eating her kibble. She is only a 11 and a half.  :( I will keep showering her with delicious treats.

Look at her cute self. :( At least she still has the same appetite.

4. NYC with some gals is a no-go for next week. But, wait for it…


1. My mom!! Everyone needs their mother when they get sick.. and I love my mommy!

2. Tuesday morning at 10:15AM: I’m eating my porridge. Slightly snotty, watching tv, thinking.. hmm I slept all Monday, which means today, is Tuesday….. chewing…slurping... mouth-breathing… chewing…… OMG! IT’S TUESDAY!!! I have a phone screen at 11Am. I sound like shit. So, why is this in the Love section? I made it through! I usually don’t. I suck at interviews/phone screens/answering questions/reciting the alphabet backwards, you name it. I made it through the phone screen even while sickly. I have an interview next week, hence wine #4, not going to NYC next week! I’m scared because I babble nonsense. I can’t help it. In my head, I’m telling myself to STFU, but it just keeps coming out, like it thinks it’ll get better. Usually it doesn’t. Oh well! Crossing my fingers, toes, and everything!

Pliny is Miney!

3. I spent the weekend before the sickness, enjoying the sun, waiting in line with great friends at the Russian River Brewery for 5 hours to partake in all that is wonderful (if you’re too lazy to click, it’s Pliny the Younger), and witnessing the Giants victory over the Patriots. Yay, Manning, Cruz, Manningfield, Manningford or Manningcheese, etc.. (I know, Manningham,  I just keep forgetting.)

4. Just signed up to do my 2nd 10k – The Giant Race benefits Project Openhand. Great organization! Also,  awesome because I don’t run unless I’m signed up to run with a bunch of strangers and I have a destination. FYI, I’m not going to do runs for Susan G. Komen again. I don’t care that they conveniently “took it back” after all the bad press.

5. Ok, if you’ve been living under a rock, guess what happened this week.. A panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said California’s Prop H8 is unconstitutional. Thank you! And also, Ellen is awesome! #NOH8! This makes me so happy!

So, what’s making you reach for the wine and what are you loving in life this week?


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5 Responses to Wine and Love v02

  1. Nora says:

    Thanks for joining in this week. Bummer to hear you’ve been sick and I hate it when my dog (he’ll be 8 this year) shows signs of aging. It kills me. So i love on him even more.

    Way to go on the phone screen! Hope you feel much better and have a great weekend =)

  2. suki says:

    I should’ve read this before texting this morning. LOL. :) Good luck on the interview. I hope to hear good news through the grape vine since I probably won’t be online much.

  3. stealthypoo says:

    @nora thanks for hosting such a great meme! and yes more pup loving is always a good thing. hope you have a great weekend too!

    @suki harhar thanks. i have to make it past the first round.. so if things happen, it won’t be for a while. :/

  4. kelly says:

    So I now feel like I should really get on this Wine & Love train because everybody’s doing it. Also, congrats on the interview! And Cici is totally adorbs even if she is getting elderly. We call my dad’s pup “Dementia Dog” because she stares at walls and forgets where she is sometimes but we still love her anyway.

  5. stealthypoo says:

    @kelly Thanks!! You should! dooo it… *PEER PRESSURE* it’s a nice weekly reflection, and ending on a good note always makes you feel better. Awwww.. dementia dog. that’s kinda endearing and sad, but all the more to love em!

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