holy moly choc chip cookie

This has recently been brought to my attention: My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie. [via @guppieluv]

Please please please someone make me these. :) The real situation is that I live at home with no beautiful KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Yes, how can I possibly live in such a sad stand-mixerless existence?! Right?! Ok, that’s not the problem. The kitchen is also a mess. And, not my mess. It’s just impossible to make anything in that kitchen. Alls I’m saying is that when I have my perfect kitchen, I will attempt these amazeball cookies. They look so perfect because every bite has chocolate.

What’s your favorite chocolate chip recipe? Make some and send them my way! ;)

While I’m talking about kitchens and things, I might add that this Circulon Contempo 8 inch pan is nonstick magical. Thanks, seester.


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2 Responses to holy moly choc chip cookie

  1. suki says:

    You can come Overr and make these cookies anytime! Yum!

  2. stealthypoo says:

    made some already.. noms..

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