Cookies: We can haz

This chocolate chip cookie moment is brought to you by: nom attack

I wish I documented the whole process better, but let me just say cutting a giant pound of trader joes dark chocolate is a pain in the ass, and I’M GOOD AT IT, if anyone wants help.

So, it was the first weekend of freedom for my friend nom, from nom attack. She’s got a new gig lined up in two weeks! So, I wanted to hang out before she started working again. Of course, it was also one of the first days I stepped out of my house in a week. We enjoyed little sun, and then cold, reminiscing/shopping the streets of Telegraph Ave. Oh, young college students. In Piedmont, we pointed out homes we would totally live in. Le sigh. Then those thoughts came to me. What did I want? What do I still want? Am I where I thought I’d be at 28?

No, but I’m on my way to something better. I can feel it! Oh right, and we made chocolate chip cookies that are sooo chocolatey, crunchy, and chewy, I can only eat one at a time.


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twenty-something foodie
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