RGB Shop+Gallery

I’ll be shop-sitting for a friend of mine for 3 days in San Francisco’s beautiful Cow Hollow! RGB Shop+Gallery is a colorful, design-inspired women’s boutique and gallery.

If you’re a design/color fiend and love bold, timeless pieces, stop on by.  RGB will give your wardrobe some flair, and great pieces that transition well from day to cocktail hour. RGB can rescue you from boring.

Also, I’m sitting here. Come visit me, and please ignore the construction going on outside. If you’re not in the area, they’ve also recently opened their online shop. <—- cute things..

Adventure Day 1: Someone came in looking to buy a prom dress that they could donate to charity.. Something similar to Princess Project, I’m thinking. How sweet. She ended up not getting anything. There was a solicitor whom I didn’t understand. I think it was about designing a website. I got a call from someone thinking they were calling a home. There’s also some crazy digging/dusty construction going on outside — just my luck.. so I’ve been bumping up the jams, keeping the door slightly ajar, and closing it, when people come in.

Stay tuned for Adventures in Shop-Sitting Day 2… If I get in early or stay later, I may try things on.. Maybe pictures. This girl tried on a cute white skirt with these cute booties, and I was all !! How does one sit amongst temptation all the time?!!


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