Wine and Love v03

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora. Come on everybody, join in on the fun!

Wine and LoveWine
1.  Rejection is always difficult to swallow. It’s even worse when you think they like you. I didn’t realize how disappointed I was. Oh well.. try, try, try again. So, the job hunt continues.


1. When one door closes, another door opens. And, when that one closes, yet another one opens. I have an interview and a phone screen next week! I went on a small job hunt spree after receiving my rejection. Like me, damnit!

2. This week has been a nice experience helping out at my friend’s shop. Let’s not jinx my last day here! I’ve never done any retail work, but I basically sit here, watch the shop, and help customers. I feel useful and I’m surrounded by cute clothes galore. Guess it’s good I don’t have a job. Self control by being poor. Speaking of which, that brings me to number 3..

3. I bought 2 pairs of crazy high heels and a new laptop :) Here she is!!

"the things I do for you" look

Jk.. Here she is forreal.. The laptop was out of necessity. The shoes, not so much.

So.. pretty… The beats audio speaker system is pretty awesome. I hate not being able to hear anything when the volume is on high but the speaker is muffled at the bottom.

And… the shoes.. <— click to have your mind blown.

So, what’s making you reach for the wine and what are you loving in life this week?


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4 Responses to Wine and Love v03

  1. suki says:

    the loves this week outweigh the wine for sure! :)

  2. terra says:

    Those critter print shoes are beautiful! Love them!

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