Wine and Love v04

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora. Come on everybody, join in on the fun! Sorry, I’m running late.

Wine and LoveWine

1. Wish I was in NYC with suki, hearing amazing women speak at Women in the World Summit, and meeting with some of the BiSC-uits (you and you)! #JEALOUS


1. Tentative week long trip to Hawaii at the end of April! Super tentative though. *cross fingers* I figure if now isn’t the right time, when is?!

2. Can’t wait for May to get here! BiSC! Can’t wait to meet everyone after stalking them on their blogs and tweets. ;)

photo via @GoogleSF

3. I skipped Zumba last week, but only because suki won tickets through @GoogleSF, and asked me to join her at  Mamma Mia! I didn’t even know I would enjoy the show that much, but I really did. And, who doesn’t like to sing along to ABBA? I had Dancing Queen and Mammia Mia stuck in my head for the weekend. VIP access to the bar also didn’t hurt. We had wine before, and during intermission, and GIANT size Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, Kit Kat bars. It was heaven for the 6-13 year old in me. Ok, it was heaven for me now too.

4. I’m proud of myself.. I went hunting for the Mad Men dress, but luckily I thought I’d save money and rewear a dress that I have for the Mad Men themed party for #BiSC. I went shopping and tried on a few dresses. I just should not be spending money on this. I should spend it on traveling.. DUH.  Here are the two that I sort of wanted from Ambiance.

(left: Stop Staring – sale $99, right: Corey Lynn Calter – sale $$$) on sale but not really. :/

5. I went to the library and borrowed a book, in who knows how long!? Squeee!! No, really.. It’s been so long, my library card has some restriction where I could only borrow ONE book AND I have to go back and show proof of residence aka mail. Anyways, excited for borrowing books vs. using my Kindle because it’s nice to hold a real book. I’m semi participating in the forever young adult book club (San Francisco). They have multiple locations, so if you love young adult, (and I DO!), definitely check Forever Young Adult out. [note: I read half of Twilight and could not finish, so I refuse to read that.]

6. OMG Almost forgot, I’m super excited that I finally bought some Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste), so I can try to make some Deokbokki (spicy rice cake with various things). Although  I didn’t check the label first. MSG man.. :/ Also, check this out!! The best Gochujang. Should have done my Korean Chili Paste homework. Oh, well! Stay tuned for my Deokbokki experiment… Even though I’m not Korean, I love me some Korean food!

7. I can’t think of too many things to wine about at this moment..!

So, what’s making you reach for the wine and what are you loving in life this week? Cheers to good weeks ahead, my lovely readers. Feel free to comment, so I know I’m not talking to myself!! Yay.. crazyperson!!


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3 Responses to Wine and Love v04

  1. J says:

    I’m excited for book club! I went to one in Ohio and it was so much fun to actually discuss a book instead of reading it, rating it on Goodreads, and moving on to the next one.

    Also, those dresses are hot. :)

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