Cookies of the World with Tante Marie’s Cooking School

This post will be mostly pictures of this foodventure. I won two spots to Tante Marie’s Cooking School Day Session: Cookie’s of the World, taught by Pastrygirl aka Anita Chu. It was a contest from @GoogleSF and Zagat. I brought J, since I know she loves to cook, and we spent Saturday afternoon, baking away. The class was about 10-11 people, so we all chose 1 to 2 types of cookies to make. Things I learned: Surprisingly, most cookies around the world don’t have chocolate. Combining well is key. Butter at room temperature also key. This makes me want that KitchenAid Stand Mixer even more. It was definitely a dream kitchen.

Here are some photos of cookies that my classmates and I made! I got busy and couldn’t capture a lot of the step by step process with dirty fingers, but enjoy :) More photos here!



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5 Responses to Cookies of the World with Tante Marie’s Cooking School

  1. Keane says:

    Great photos! They all look so delicious. I might even want the salt lick one!

  2. roguedesignssf says:


  3. suki says:

    Wish I could’ve made it to the class. It looks amazing! :)

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