Wine and Love v06

Wine and Love

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora, and now hosted by none other than my seester, at Superduperfantastic. Come on everybody, join in on the fun!

1. Gained 5-7lbs from eating so much during my trips.

2. May soon not have much money. :/ Big decisions are so difficult to make, but it may be a good thing in the end. Being a grown up and making decisions is tough!


1. Philly/NYC was really awesome. Ate a lot, drank some Yuengling, tried Momofuku, Ippudo, Artichoke, Crif Dog, bought some Uniqlo pants, hung out with Ryan’s familia and old coworkers, and met some BiSCuits! Also checked out this awesome art gallery/store, Art Star, thanks to Ryan’s sister.

2. Today I had lunch with an old coworker, enjoyed the gorgeous weather in SF, soaked up sun at Washington Square Park, and had an impromptu happy hour with other old coworkers. #LOVETHEM

3. #2 in wine is also a good thing (or at least I really hope so). Cross fingers that this is the right thing for me. It sorta came out of the blue and happened so fast…

4.  Found a bunch of free yoga classes to try out and enjoyed all of them. They’re all different, but good in their own way. I definitely need to work on the belly flub before the Hawaii trip. Also it’s Bay Area Dance Week starting tomorrow, so there are some free dance classes to check out.

5. HAWAII!!!!!!!! T-9 days! BiSC T- 29 days!


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4 Responses to Wine and Love v06

  1. suki says:

    yay you participated! :D i ended up canceling the free dance class even though it sounded fun b/c i’m going to eat free tacos instead. LOL

  2. Gina says:

    Your Philly/NYC trip sounds like it was amazing! Don’t worry too much about the weight gain; that’s what’s supposed to happen when you go on vacation! ;)

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