Wine and Love v08

Wine and Love

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora, and now hosted by suki at Superduperfantastic. Wine/Love: things during the week that made you reach for the wine, and things that you loved. This week is not a great week..

Wine .. whine

– My flight that was supposed to arrive at 1:230pm in HNL took off, and flew right back after an hour and a half. Good for safety, but disappointing. Communication from Hawaiian Airlines was horrible. They didn’t even let us know what time it was pushed back to until way late (My friend who arrived in HNL before me knew the arrival time posted) My flight was pushed back to 1:30am, to arrive at 4:30am. They didn’t tell people about getting another flight, but my friend found an earlier one that eventually I got on. Hawaiian Airlines gave me a receipt and said Delta would know what to do with it. I ran out of International terminal to terminal 1 (out of security, so I couldn’t go back in), and of course Delta couldn’t figure out why they didn’t actually put me on the flight. Well they did, but the confirmation # wouldn’t work. Thank you Delta customer service. Seriously, these ladies and gentlemen were all over it, trying their best to get me on my flight. I made it with 5 minutes to spare. The strangest thing is going through security alone. I ran over, paused when I saw 5 TSA just standing there watching, and scrambled removing all my stuff to place onto the belt. Speaking of belts, that’s why I forgot my belt at security. I have the worst luck when flying to Hawaii.

– But now, I’m back to life, back to reality…

– First rejection already.. Ugh.. job.. search begins and it sucks.

– Where DO I see myself in 5 years, and that’s not just a job question. Life, Love, Work. Am I on that path? Serious decisions ahead of me that I can no longer avoid as I get older.

– Also my body is hideously unevenly tanned and I’m peeling.. I better finish peeling before Vegas. (I know.. boohoo.. but whatever.. this is my blog and my wine.)


– Hawaii was amazing.  Sun, Food, Sand (that shit gets everywhere.. Lanikai beach, Waimea Bay), Maitais. I ended up not having to rent a car.

–  BiSC  is next week. I can’t wait to meet these amazing people and I hope they like me.

Can you tell I’m on a downward spiral of post-vacation, facing reality depression? Yeah. That. I didn’t even go to Yoga yesterday because of my blah mood. I’ll post pics of Hawaii another time. Let me wallow in my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood.


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3 Responses to Wine and Love v08

  1. suki says:

    Wish I could’ve made the Hawaii trip. Of course, without the mess of delayed flights and all that. Let me know how to help your blah mood! WINETASTING on Sunday, perhaps? :)

  2. Earlier this year I flew with US Airways back from Florida after a cruise and after we missed our flight in Charlotte due to delays in Florida, the airline was totally unhelpful. They basically just told us we should call customer service when the plane landed. I don’t understand why airlines have to make it so complicated sometimes.

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