Remember that time when the introvert was thrown into a group of 58 strangers?

If you’re reading this, and we only exchanged those AHMAZING 4by6 business cards, well I am really that shy with mass groups of strangers. Throw me into a room with a small group, and I’ll survive because that’s what worked for me this weekend. I’m that extroverted introvert who really does wants to meet everyone, but if I come off as standoff-ish, it’s because I really didn’t know what to say besides asking you where you’re from, and geez is it HOT in here or what? And, did you really want to talk to me about weather? So, 4 days really isn’t enough time for me to really get to know everyone, but 4 days in Vegas, is definitely enough Vegas for me. Don’t get me wrong! I love drinking $5 bloody marys on the street, getting bombarded with boob flyers, watching drunk partiers stumble through the crowded streets/escalators in 5 inch stilletos, and stuffing my face with 4 buffets in a row. I was really skeptical, but I have to say BiSC was a really good experience. From initially following tweets, I never thought I’d get to hang out with some of the people that I did, and not hang out with some that I expected to. It’s a lot of work to read stranger’s blogs, but now that I’ve met a few of you and dance partied together under the “Eiffel Tower”, froze our asses off at the Minus5 Ice Bar, and Asian snack pigging out in our pink Flamingo rooms, I want to get to know you better at a future BiSC or maybe just a random meetup. That would make BiSC a success to me, going in knowing one person, and leaving with 58 other people to stalk. ;)

Thank you for being awesome, silly, hilarious, sweet, beautiful, adorable, amazing, and all around good people! I will think of you when I bite the head off my Fred Flare Gummy bear, wash my hands with Thinkgeek Bacon Soap, use my luckybl.. ok.. scratch that last one…, um.. something about… nevermind.. distractions! MUSTACHES, GO TEAM SPIRIT ANIMALS!

Also driving to Vegas with the seester..  great snack roadtrip, but way too damn long. Thanks seester for letting me get all slothy.

– @stealthypoo


About stealthypoo

twenty-something foodie
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5 Responses to Remember that time when the introvert was thrown into a group of 58 strangers?

  1. suki says:

    Favorite sloth. <3 I'm tempted to sign up for next year. It's the Asian in me. I WANT A DEAL.

  2. Mikael says:

    Hahaha, I love how you stopped yourself with the Lucky Bloke comment! You are adorable and I loved meeting you! You are a sweetheart!

  3. Thank you for the Asian snacks. I’m not obsessed. MUST FIND ASIAN MARKET!

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