Wine and Love v10

Wine and Love

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora, and now hosted by suki at Superduperfantastic. Wine/Love: things during the week that made you reach for the wine, and things that you loved. (Seriously hard to stay positive right now, but I’m so glad to have such supportive/distracting friends.)


– :'( All the sadness.
– :'( Seeing couples everywhere. PDA SUCKS RIGHT NOW! STOP IT PLZ!
– :'( Looking for wedding congrats card and seeing all the silly lovey dovey cards nearby that I would steal ideas from to draw him (because I’m cheap and never bought a card for him) But now I can’t.
– Have to renew my Flickr Pro account. UGH. $$$ 3 day warning..


– Semi-progress/finding distractions: not leaking from the face every time I see couples (doesn’t mean I don’t want to STAB them.. JUSTSAYIN’) /people ask me if I’m ok. I’m sure this is temporary, but oh well.
– Friends.. thanks for the real hugs, virtual hugs, and photos of kittens hugging each other.
– Puffy eyes are less puffy. Think the tear glands are drying up..
– Bernal Heights Park dog walk and wine tasting with seester, rv, and treavor (YAY, HE’S PASSING THROUGH SF).

View of SF from Bernal Heights Park

– Hung out with Diana, and we had this Shibuya Style Honey Box Toast Dessert thing (is that a euphemism for something.. honey box..) from Akiba. <– review here!

shibuya honey box with 2 flavors of gelato (chocolate and lychee)

She bought me this White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake from Schubert’s Bakery. She’s so sweet.

It looks disheveled from being shaken around in a box when I took the bus


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3 Responses to Wine and Love v10

  1. suki says:

    all the hugs! see you tonight!

  2. Hugs, lady! I’m glad you’ve got delicious things to help get you through! And that view?! AMAZING!

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