Wine and Love v11

Wine and Love

Wine and Love brought to you by Nora, and now hosted by suki at Superduperfantastic. Wine/Love: things during the week that made you reach for the wine, and things that you loved.

– Thought I did well for the interviews with a large international retail corp, but haven’t heard back yet. I emailed on Monday, and left a vmail today. Being in HR/Recruiting, I feel like it’s just rude/unprofessional to not respond at all. This gives me no motivation.
– Missing bff. Was also getting upset, so I had to unsubscribe to keep my fb newsfeed free of heartstabby stabs. Feels so final and sad.
– Ate something that didn’t sit well with my stomach, so I drove myself home as fast as possible trying not to throw up on myself in my car, got home, threw up, and then had a stomach ache for a little. Took a nap, and now I think it’s gone… wtf.

– Beautiful weather in SF/Bay Area lately.
– Enjoyed a busy day at my friend’s bridal shower in Piedmont. The bride-to-be’s sister-in-law graciously hosted and she was Martha Stewart amazeballs, making cakepops, and all the decor. Afterwards, we headed to out to do pottery painting. I painted my own Mickey butt mug at Color Me Mine in Alameda. We then surprised the bride-to-be with a show at AsiaSF! The girls are amahzing.. gorgeous and sweet.
– Backyard chill time on Sunday in the Mission where @karlthefog showed up way later than the rest of the city.
– 2 Giants games in a week (although I didn’t get to witness the Matt Cain perfect game). One game was courtesy of my friends at Orange Photography. Thanks, guys!! :)
– Tried Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous for the first time. YUM!
– First time at Craw Station (<– my review here) with my old coworkers, and went to Limetree with a friend. Love them both! Haven’t been to Limetree in ages. It’s so delicious!
– Did a Tartine run, relaxed at Dolores Park, devoured some Birite Salted Caramel and Coffee Toffee Ice Cream with my cousin (the one who has 5 chickens that I was watching while they were on vacation.. which brings me to..)
– Don’t have to scrape chickenshit out of a chicken coop every morning anymore! (which is what I’ve been doing every day for past 3 weeks. But I guess I was also rewarded with fresh eggs.. so it’s worth it..)
– Dying to go karaoke. Tired of lip syncing at home. “I’m forever yours.. faithfully..” Think this may happen on Friday. Maybe.  I can’t help singing love songs from late 80’s – early 90’s.. Grew up on K101 (now star101.. bleh)
– Finished Game of Thrones, Girls, and Mad Men. Now what?
Keane is back from his Italian adventures! Suki/RV are back from their Colorado adventures. Party!
– Went to Thai Temple in Berkeley for some delicious noodle soup. Ended up at the Ashby flea market, where I got these totally awesome hello kitty fashion glasses for hella cheap!
– Pineapple.

It’s the little things.


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2 Responses to Wine and Love v11

  1. suki says:

    love all the little things. they add up to big happy things. :D <3

  2. M says:

    It looks like you have a lot of great things going on for you!

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