Random updates and also Review of my HTC One X!

1. Signed up for the Sketchbook Project. Still need to START/choose a theme.. :/
2. Signed up for VEDA. It starts in 1 day. Excitement has turned to dread. That’s a lot of time commitment to create a video every damn day of August. #deerinheadlights — But I’ll try my best!! SEE YOU SOON! LOVE YOUR FACES!

2 month update: Not doing as bad as I thought I’d be. It’s been 2 months give or take. Just a little sad.. mourning the loss of my best friend. Well, not loss loss, but you know; it’ll never be the same. I turned into a semi-hermit these last few weeks, and decided to come out of hiding. I definitely went through the wear the same pajamas smelly phase, where I had to hold down the couch with my body to make sure it didn’t float away.

Job hunt is still the same old.

A non-techie sorta techie girl’s take on the HTC One X

I just wanted to write a mini update before bed. Also, finally switched from Verizon to AT&T, and got a new HTC One X. So far, I love it. The camera is awesome. It’s the little things that really stand out. I love the Sense UI, but have nothing to compare it to. Some thoughts…

1. A physical design flaw: The On/off button is at the top right. My right index finger can’t comfortably reach it when I hold it with just my right hand. The HTC Incredible had it on the top left.. (should have kept it there!) Anyways, I’ll just have to use two hands.. This phone is really big. I’m glad I have long fingers. They would have been good for piano, but unfortunately, I was never musically inclined. So, now.. these long fingers will try to reach all the buttons! (note: the Samsung GSIII has it on the right side but not at the top, so your thumb can reach it. They’re about the same size.) If I was holding the GSIII below, the on switch would be near my thumb. And wear my index finger is, is where the on/off button should be, but is not..

(Why, yes, I did take a picture of my new phone with my old phone and upload it because there’s still WIFI. #winning)

2. Skyfire on HTC One X is not as good as it was on the HTC Incredible. This confuses me. My phone was 2+ years old. Why does it work better on the old phone? It keeps crashing ALL OF THE TIME. ALL OF IT!!

3. Seems well built. I need to get a case/screen protector because these finger prints/ my skin’s oil marks are driving me insane. MADNESS! Getting a case/cover means covering the beautiful sleek design with bulk. I found a case that seems thinner. Don’t want to deal with sticking on a skin that barely protects it. I thought about the carbon fiber sticker, but it doesn’t have full coverage on the edges where the damage usually is worse. Also it leaves the camera unprotected, and the texture feels like vinyl and sends shivers through my fingers. The camera lens sticks out just enough, so that when you rest your phone on any surface, it’s resting on the lens. #research

4. New phones always take some getting used to. Someone told me about the folders/apps, but I couldn’t find a way to create the folder for the life of me (yesterday). Today, I accidentally found it! #smallvictories

5. Pretty. Looks durable. Also it’s pretty. My precious. *pet* It’s sleek, and prettier than the Samsung Galaxy SIII, though, it’s not the main reason I chose it over the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Did I mention it’s pretty? Most importantly, I had to look at all the drop tests. Everyone drops their phone. I am everyone to the power of 3. I’m sure if someone did a graph comparison of my drop rates vs everyone else, mine would be exponentially higher. My poor HTC Incredible has endured so much abuse, and after watching some drop test comparisons between the HTC One and Samsung GSIII, I knew the One was THE ONE. Also, it’s pretty.

6. Facial recognition will recognize me about half the time. Usually there’s not enough lighting or I’m holding the camera too close to my face and it’s too late by the time I move the phone back. Or I’m wearing sunglasses. It’s kind of creepy to see my face so up close when unlocking my phone, but it’s so damn cool, that I use it anyways. If it doesn’t recognize you, you just set a pattern. Pretty awesome. Now I want to try unlocking it with other Asian girls to see if it really recognizes me, or kinda sorta thinks we look alike.

7. Another comparison with my old phone. The soft keys are Back, Home, and Recently Used Apps. The Incredible had Home, Menu, Back, and Search. My ideal phone would have Back, Home, and Menu. The Menu on the One is on-screen, and is a button with 3 dots. Changes location on whatever app/item you are using. It’s generally at the bottom. Getting used to that as well.

8. I don’t use Instagram. Cue gasping and looks of disgust. Well, ok, I HAVE Instagram, but never got into the habit of using it. I prefer Camera 360 even to the stock camera app. Camera 360 has a one touch button to access the Front- Facing Camera, while the stock camera app requires you to go to the Settings, select Camera, and change it from the Main Camera to the Front-Facing Camera. Minor details. I would love if there was just a button to go directly to the Front-Facing Camera, but then I guess I don’t take a lot of self-portraits anyway. Camera 360 also has some Lomo effects, and most important, effects that help when taking photos at night without flash.

9. Price dropped to $100 + tax/whatever fees. Patience = Winning. Samsung GSIII is still more than this. And also it’s not as pretty.

10. No SD card slot. :/ I have to say there is enough space for me, but for some people, 16 GB just isn’t enough. So, if that’s the case, you’ll need to get something else.

11. Battery life so far is pretty good. I’m used to charging overnight. I’ve been using it a lot since I’m still in customization mode, but it reached the low battery warning at around 11something pm and still had juice left.

12. I liked my HTC Incredible’s Notification sound “Color”, so I downloaded it, and added it as a notification with ease (connect to computer, locate file called notification, add sound file)

The only worry I have now is data usage on an ATT Family Plan. More thoughts as they come. I’ve had this phone for less than 3 days. Thank god for Google and FB contacts. Importing contacts and not losing numbers and then having to input them manually.. EEK.

Now enjoy this nice cover of Fix You. Goodnight!


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