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Eggplant with Shrimp Sauce/Paste (蝦醬茄子)

Eggplant… yum.. But, wait! Shrimp paste? Shrimp paste is definitely an acquired taste, and luckily, I love the stuff. Aside from its ashen gray, slightly non-appetizing, ugly color, it’s quite pungent as well. If you haven’t tried it before, I … Continue reading

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Stealthypoo’s Meatballz and Sauce

After a day of eating out, and soaking in the sun, I wanted to make a nice meal, and also add some much needed items (soy sauce and oyster sauce) to M’s pantry. I still forgot to get sugar. -_-” … Continue reading

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Cookies: We can haz

This chocolate chip cookie moment is brought to you by: nom attack I wish I documented the whole process better, but let me just say cutting a giant pound of trader joes dark chocolate is a pain in the ass, … Continue reading

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holy moly choc chip cookie

This has recently been brought to my attention: My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie. [via @guppieluv] Please please please someone make me these. :) The real situation is that I live at home with no beautiful KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Yes, how can … Continue reading

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