An Update to My Life Update! — I’m moving..

to another site! ;) Unfortunately, not another state! There was a sale on .us domains at Namecheap, and I mean, how could I not? You can find me HERE!

Special thanks to seester for hosting my sorryass. I registered the domain, and was all.. “So, now what do I do, seester?!” I mean, I know how to use a blog platform, had a geocities site ages ago, but I’ve never owned my own site, and thus never knew about hosting, and all that confusing stuff that’s required of you to put something up on the webosphere. But, I digress.. I transferred everything over, and decided I wanted to create a new background. But woohoo I REGISTERED MY FIRST DOMAIN AND IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Downside: Blog business cards all say :(

Love your faces!

– stealthypoo signing out

About stealthypoo

twenty-something foodie
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1 Response to An Update to My Life Update! — I’m moving..

  1. Treavioli says:

    Congrats. Just install a redirect to your new location.

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